February 19, 2014

Facebook Messenger for iOS

Facebook is the most popular social media. Here we share our feelings. We discus about everything that we like. Many people spend a lot of time everyday in Facebook. Chatting in Facebook is very popular. Here we can have a lot of fun with chatting. We can get many attractive smiles for chat.

We all want to use Facebook every where. There are many apps you can see in iTune to use Facebook. Today I will share a app that has enough features for chatting in Facebook from your iPhone.
Facebook Messenger is a free app that you can use to chat in Facebook without open your account! This is very fast and easy to use. So you won't have any problem in chatting.
Make your chat more entertaining by using stickers. Express your feelings with beautiful stickers. Group chat is also a popular part of this app. Here you can chat with in group whenever you want. In chat you can also send privet photo.
There are many other features, like sending text message to your phone contact even they aren't your Facebook friends! You can call without any cost even to those friends from other country. You can also share your location in Facebook. The best part of this app is you can turn off notification when you want. So after turning off notification you wont get any notification though you receive any message from any friend.
So download this app and enjoy your Facebook no matter where you. To download click here.

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