February 14, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 with QHD Display and Iris scanner

Today we will know some great feature of Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung have achieved a great performance in the world of Smartphone and it growing your popularity in day by day. So keeping your achievement Samsung has created well featured models like Samsung Galaxy S4 and now have introduced a new model Samsung Galaxy S5 with QHD Display and iris scanner. This model contains all of feature of Samsung series but the major and attractive change is QHD Display. This is the first feature is included in the Samsung family and in the history of Samsung series. We know that Oppo Find 7 is first who introduced us the QHD Display.

 Now also include a great feature for your Smartphone that is Eye scanner or Iris scanner let us know about this in details.
 That Galaxy S5 is coming with steal body and with two versions and the display have PLS LCD in your Smartphone. The resolution of QLS Display is 2560*1440 pixels. It has aspect ratio of 16:9. This display contain more pix about 4 multiply of 720 p HDTV and also larger than a720 p HDTV display. Now we discuss about Iris scanner.

Iris scanner: 

Now a Days we can introduced a technology is named Eyeball scan, there are two technique is used in one is Iris and another is retina. Iris is a colored disk and it can stay in the front of eyes we need a camera only for scan that disk. In other hand, retina contains a blood vessel that had scanned in the inside of retinal scanning. This blood vessel can have at the outside surface of eyes .it can be impossible to hack and to copy. We can see this eyeball scan technique is 1000 times more secure then finger print technique of Apple that is also proved by science. Medical students know this very precisely. Because before some days Apple launched a device with finger print technique by this technology, the scanner technology had become hampered and hacked by hackers. For this reason most of users had failed a great problem. So we can say that the eye scanner is more secure than that. It is also said by science and technologies.
Samsung Galaxy S5 contain more feature like 4GB RAM , New generation processor, QHD  Display ,Eye scanner, High resolution Camera. We will give more information about Samsung Galaxy S5 in later and Thank you all of viewers.

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