February 22, 2014

Facebook Apps for iOS

Facebook is the best social media in world. Facebook is the second blood for millions of people. Many people can't live without Facebook. So in smartphone Facebook app is very popular. We all use Facebook in smartphone. But for some different test we always find some different apps for using Facebook.
I will share 5 high quality and popular apps for Facebook. Lets see them.


This is the app that created by Facebook. So this is the most popular app for using Facebook. This app is Free. You can share, like and comment others posts. You can Play game in face book. You can chat, grup chat and many other staff here. 

Friend Caster for Facebook

Here you can chat easily. you will have a different but nice experience in chatting. Full screen photo viewing is also a nice feature. You can change account very fast and easily.

Friendly+ for Facebook

This app is using over 8 millions of users. This is the top paid social media app in iTune in 30 country. You can change account without log in every time. Here you can protect your Facebook account with pin code.

Facely HD for Facebook + Chat & Photos

The main part of this app is Facely HD Facebook look! You can do about all the stuff as you do in your computer. This is the top 100 app in 2011.

HootSuite for Twitter & Facebook

One in all app. You can use this app to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can use up to five social media in free. This is the best social media management app.

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