March 10, 2014

Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite

In smart phone we all play interesting game. Most of the gamer like to play racing game. But the main problem is that you can’t find high quality racing game. For all racing game lover I am sharing a very good racing game. 

The Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite is the ultimate Windows 8 drift game by Ratrod Studio Inc. It offers a better experience than the previous version. This is the demo version of the game and it is available for free download. It features an exquisite graphics (next generation graphics) and a superb, challenging game play. Drift Mania Championship 2 Lite is a racing game. You can start the game in a drift career or in tournament mode. You can maximize your car’s specifications in the game by upgrading and you can also buy new cars of your choices. You can also customize your car as you like. In your battle to the top in the career mode, you will get cash which can be spent for purchasing new upgrades and cars. You have the opportunity to play against your friends in multiplayer mode. 

With high definition and 3D graphics your game-playing experience will be even more interesting. Some of the features of this game are listed below-
1   1)     The game supports Xbox controller.
2   2)     You can find thirteen very cool vehicles to buy.
3   3)     For each vehicle there are 48 upgrades to improve performance.
4   4)     Vehicles can be tuned as per wish.
5   5)     Very cool soundtracks for in-game pleasure.
6   6)     Also supports Windows operating system.
7   7)     You can play multiplayer in online. 

With a lot off features the game is very popular in Google play store and in iTunes. You can download this from iTunes for your iPhone. If you are a Android mobile users then download from Google play store.

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