January 30, 2014

Cross platform Malware for Android Device

Hi everyone, How are you today. Today I will shear a very common and simple problem for Android Device. For Some Malwares, That can be very harmful for your smart phone. Various type of malware can causes different type of problem for your smart phone that can collapse your phone operating system and creates your device slow. It is affecting mainly play store in your Android Device. Malwares, Torjans these types of viruses aren’t new for android Device. But nowadays, some types of medium those have changed that mainly affected by those viruses that is very thinkable factor for android device. There are some names of harmful Malware and Torzon that can slow your device. These are shown in the below.

1.       Android. Cla Trojan
2.        Trojan. Droidpak Malware.
3.        Android. Fakebank. B Trojon.
In past, these virus can move to affected Android device to windows device , nowadays  this are move from affected windows device to different types of Android Device. These types of Malwares are known as cross- platform Malware.
We can see a new type of Malware known as Torjon, droidpak. Normally, it is look like a Google Play Store. Basically, it can install an APK file whose are named Google app store. For this APK installation it uses one type of file named ADB. Basically, this type of Malware can work for the use of ADB. These process are can’t seen normally.
 When we will on Google play store then it will search a specific Korian online. When it will sense the presence of Malware then it will remove the original play store in your Android Device and request the users to install the Malware version of this Google App Store. This request will be via a message or text.

 So be sure before installing any app in your Smartphone that the app is really save for your Smartphone and that is from Google Play Store. So now you should quickly uninstall some unimportant files in your Android Device. For example: USB Debugging, Unknown Sources and so no. Only you will connect your Smartphone in your trusted computers which are free from this type of Malwares if needed and you must enable the verifed Apps. Thank you.

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