January 25, 2014

Best Android device in 2013

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in Smartphone market. Millions of users are using Android phone. To provide the best service Android phone developers are trying to provide the best quality to the customers. For this they include many more features to phone to provide the best service. So Android phone are dominating the market than other Smartphone in market.
There are many Android developers in world. Many companies are manufacturing many devices. For this the variation of the devices are very high. Each company has difference feature in their device. So comparing the devices is very hard. Though I try to provide some android mobile that has some unique features what makes then better than others.

Nexus 5 

This is manufactured by Google, the creator of Android operating system! Nexux 5 in the best in bargain category. Normally a good smartphone will cost you $600 but for Nexus 5 you need only $449 with 16 GB memory! and only $399 for 32 GB memory. With all the basic feature and powerful parts it attract people a lot. The main advantage of Nexus 5 is very low price with high quality.


HTC is one of the leading brand in world. Every smartphone users always try to get updated information about latest information about latest smartphone from HTC. HTC ONE is the phone that can fulfill the demand of a user. The main part of this Smart phone is the design. 

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy is the most popular brand among Android devices. The most talked smartphone in 2013 was Samsung Galaxy S4. If we judge a smartphone with its feature then Samsung Galaxy S4 will get first position. With the Air View and Air Gesture feature a users can feel magic.


From smartphone users one common complain is coming again and again, touchscreen problem. After few time touchscreen don't work perfectly. Within few year or even in 1 year some users need to change the screen. LG G2 try to solve in 2013. The provide the best and very high quality touch screen. So in the basis oc touch screen LG G2 is the best Android phone in 2013.


The common problem is Android mobile is battery. The back up of battery is very low. But you can't face that problem in Motorola DROID MAXX because this device provide up to 48 hours! back up.

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