August 26, 2014

Some tips for Android to keep virus free

Android are playing important rule in our life.  We feel our life will become impossible without a smartphone; it has become a good friend to all. Because we can store our bank account information or other important information within our smartphone, but we never care that if our phone will be damage by the malware and to hack by hackers that we can fail in great problem. This types of virus or malware comes from some open source software; it can come from also paid apps because we often uploaded apps from different side. This type of dangerous malware comes with it. Now we will give you some tips to keep your android phone virus free.

You shouldn't install unknown apps

If you have no idea for this app that means it is totally unknown to you, don’t install that. Now hackers are created many apps and they offers you to install those in your android device via email or text messages. We should avoid this type of apps. By this process hackers can collect your important documents.

You should install apps from Google play store or reliable apps store

You can collect apps from Google play store. You can download apps from Amazon app store because they check all apps separately. So for this reason, that will be safe to your android smartphone.

You should off  Install from unknown sources option

Install from unknown source” that means apps will be install various place without verified app store. You should mark or select “verify app” option that will ensure your handset via internet about this apps.

You should read permissions before installation

It is better solution to stop unwanted apps, if you read permissions than you will understand which type of access these apps want. If this apps wanted to access that is not related to your work than you should escape it. If these apps wanted to access to your device contacts, account information than you should think this apps are harmful?

You should install antivirus

You can install antivirus. You want many antiviruses in Google play store, or another verified apps store. If you install apps from Google play store than you don’t need to install any kinds of antivirus because Google play scans vary sharply all of their apps, but you can use antivirus for extra safety.

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