June 3, 2014

Verizon Messages, Best app for messaging

Messaging is a popular part of mobile. Message is an common option in every mobile phone. Normal or smart phone you will have access of text messaging. About all devices support multimedia messaging. So we all send message to ours friends and family members. Some time you don't have much time or may be you don't have the chance of talking in phone then you send message or even only for saying some thing that you can't say directly. But in normal messaging system you can only write or send pictures. Here I am going to tell you about the best app for messaging that will change your messaging experience. The app is Verizon Messages.

Here in this app you can edit the font of your texts. You can save your signature. If you want then you can activate the auto reply option. Just write a message and save that to reply automatically. Even you can customize images or photos for while messaging.

By activating GPS system in background you can share your current locations with friends.You just need to using Glympse. In other hand you can see multiple friends current location in map screen. Some time it really helps us but always it is a great fun. But if you want then you can stop sharing.

If some of your friends are not using Verizon Messages although this is the best app for messaging, you can send them messages. So it is really a great app to use. But remember, by activating background GPS your battery life will decries a lot. So don't activate GPS all time.
All Android users click here to download the best app for messaging. iPhone users click here to download Verizon Messages.

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