April 10, 2014

Share Your Photo with Photosynth

Capturing and sharing photo with smart phone is really enjoyable. In present days you can get high quality camera in your smart phone. iPhone is one of the most popular smart phone. Millions of users are using iPhone. For them Photosynth is one of the best app to capture and share their photos. And this app is 100% free!

You can capture and share instantly in Facebook, Tweeter or in email using the Photosynth free service! By this you can reach to millions of people, isn't it great? You may also share your photo to Photosynth community. There you will also get millions of viewers too.

You will have many features too to make your photo more beautiful and attractive. You can zoom, rotate, sharp and many more. You can lock and capture photo in all directions and all of this will be free. So why are you waiting? Just follow the link and download Photosynth from iTunes in your iPhone and enjoy.

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