January 22, 2014

Disadvantage of Cheap Android Mobile

Hi everyone, Wish you all are well. Today I will show you some reason why you shouldn't buy cheap Android mobile. For some low quality company you can get very cheap set where you you will have Android access. Lets see some disadvantage of cheap android mobile.

1. Low battery backup: Normally Battery is one of the major problem in Android devise. But in cheap devise the problem is much more than other set.

2. Update: You can't get latest update in Cheap devise. So you won't have the access with latest technology.

3. Low quality touch-screen: In every cheap devise you will have low quality touch-screen.

4. Slow: For low quality equipment and small internal storage your devise will perform very slowly.

5. Warranty: Now Samsung devise provide 2 year warranty but you can't get that this in cheap in devise.

These are the main problems in cheap Android devises. There are many more. In most of the devise don't have much powerful parts. So try to buy Android devise from any popular company or you won't get full access of Android world.
Wish you all now know why shouldn't buy cheap Android. Now bye.

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